this collection contains images of human faeces and may be offensive to some people
about the diarium diarrhoea collection

"Fluxus Commentarius | Type 1" collection
- transitional blur video loop version -
now dropping and selling on opensea.io using Polygon
In September 2020, I was admitted to hospital with chronic diarrhoea. The issue had been intermittent since a kidney transplant in November of 2019 and had progressively been getting worse. At the time of admission, I was "going" up to 6+ times per day and there was blood present in my stools. I started to collect photographic documentation of some of the more severe occurrences for medical reference. I was extremely surprised that none of the medical team, not even the gastroenterologist specialists, were interested in looking at any of the images. Instead, I found myself having to describe in detail what each movement was like, which was often difficult due to differences in understanding of terminology. It would have been made much simpler if they had been more open to looking at the photos.
Realising that there is a level of abhorrence directed at visual representations of shit – a basic and essential human function, shared by all and essential to maintaining life  – I began to collect photographic evidence of every time I had a “motion” over the period of twelve months.
Gaps in dates are representative of constipation which, oddly enough, has featured occasionally.
Each sitting is presented as a video card showing the original and a digitally manipulated version. In this case the term "digital manipulation" does NOT mean I used my fingers to alter the appearance. The original version has been abstracted in order to "beautify" it and reduce the perceived socially confrontational aspect of the original.
The aim for a collector would be to obtain the full year’s collection which will cover the period 2020-09-04 through to 2021-09-03, inclusive.

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