It so nice to relax and smell the daisies with my friend, Maria. Aahh... not a care in the universe... or is there...?​​​​​​​
Topsy-Turvy Policeman-Me was giving a good old, "Hello! Hello! Hello! What's all this, then?" to the very uncooperative folk of the faraway tree... They kept referring to themselves as "upright citizens" as if that wasn't the very cause of the dastardly botheration at hand..!
I was out on the town with Robot-me and some other oldies when I thought things looked like they were starting to take a turn for the worse. Turns out they were only winding me up! (A bit like Robot-me...)​​​​​​​
Dropped in on Minecraft-Me to have a chat about what we would build next. Glad to see you could make it, too! Purchaser unlocks access to 3024x4032px 100pps version.
What's going on among us...? Everything seems a little wrong and weird...​​​​​​​
Took a selfie... didn't realise there was a photobomb happening and it was all about to go down... (Buyer unlocks 3024x4032 100ppi version)
A portrait of Batman in the early years - the first fitting of the bat-suit had some issues...

A portrait of super woman in the early years...
jpg image,  4200x4800px
Two self portrait sketches were done with my eyes closed, then painted over with watered-down acrylics. After scanning the two images, this 20 second morphing loop was created.
7 second preview shown here
mp4 video, 20second loop, 720 x 970px
price range : 11.11 - 100 SWAP.HIVE
A family portrait showing mother and father morphed to a 50/50 potential offspring (the "fother"). The "fother" is then morphed into one of their actual offspring. Each of the subjects were in their early to mid 20s when the photos were taken.
preview shown here
mp4 video, 30seconds, 640 x 640px

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