Humans like faces. They comfort us with the knowledge that we are not alone.
A couple of dots and a line is all it takes for us to see a face in something. 
We see faces in inanimate objects all around us. Often there is a  tendency to anthropomorphise those objects. "Rock Faces" is a collection highlighting the emotions - the hopes, the joys, the fears - captured in some of the faces of rocks I have encountered in my journeys.
Ancient, ageless, timeless - shy and private; rarely revealing themselves. You may occasionally catch a glimpse of a rock face... but it is a rare event. These are the digital documentations of the few and far between instances when I have been blessed with a sighting.
A nice profile of Bare-Faced Bear-Faced Rocky having a bit of a friendly growl at passers-by.
This video snippet gives a clearer idea of the original rock where Raspberry Buttress first came out of hiding to me.
If you're walking through the bush and hear a strange "raspberry" farting noise, it's probably Raspberry Buttress making playfully mischievous commentary on your presence.
Golden Freddy is ancient and appears extremely grumpy and fierce-some on first encounter. Golden Freddy is actually very amicable once one get to know them. They are very possessive, however, of the precious treasures running deep within their veins.
5 second mp4 video loop
Red Rock Raging is usually a quiet and private rock, but lately it's had enough and has started randomly raging at passers by.
5 second mp4 video loop

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