We are the ghosts of our history
A narrative we reconstruct
From fleeting glimpses
Of our remembered selves
Ephemeral, we believe ourselves
To have substance
As our atoms fade and fall away
Along all the future pathways
Of the spaces we inhabit
This is the video version of the poem, “Ghosts of Our History” by the artist. Published in the poetry collection, “The Spaces We Inhabit”, Colin Read / Reade Collins (both pseudonyms of RubyTuesday) ©2020.
 The original vision was initially programmed in Processing language (http://processing.org) then exported and further developed in Vegas video editor.
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1976: Battle Scene – Confrontation, Attack, Impact (My View)
Each man, each side Is fighting for a cause, A cause they believe is right. They believe so much That their cause is right That their deaths become righteous And in their own eyes – Pure. But the whiteness – Of their fighting bodies – Is pallid; Of their pure, righteous acts – Is tinged with blackness; Of their souls – Is stained with blood.
The inspiration for the original 1976 painting was the song, “The Gates of Delerium” by Yes, off the album “Relayer”. The specific lyrics which relate to the painting are:
“Choose and renounce throwing chains to the floor Kill or be killing faster sins correct the flow Casting giant shadows off vast penetrating force To alter via the war that’s seen As friction spans the spirit’s wrath ascending (slowly) to redeem…
…The fist will run Grasp metal to gun The spirit sings in rushing tones we gain the battle drum Our cries will shrill, the air will moan and crash into the dawn The pen won’t stay the demon’s wings, the hour approaches Pounding out the devil’s sermon”

Love and life aren't always easy... it takes some practical effort to get through the turbulence and attain some form of equilibrium...
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"A Vlexicon for Times of War" - still from video
"A Vlexicon for Times of War" - still from video
Research into old public domain “newsreel” style films, mostly created by defence departments during wartime, gave rise to this piece, “A Vlexicon for Times of War”. In viewing these films, certain words resonate as the words and phrases are linked to their visually emotive contexts. These contexts subliminally (although not always covertly) sway the viewer towards an “US and Them” viewpoint – “US GOOD, THEM BAD” – thereby justifying the “good fight”. To maintain some connection between the text and each word’s original context, the written text is ordered according to its original timecode placement in its original film. The collage images (in the bottom half of the screen) are then laid out on a grid similarly based on their original timecode placement. With this in mind it is quite serendipitous to find the last 3 clips place the decision and responsibility directly back onto the viewer. This is a companion piece to "We Sleep and Dream in Tele-Vision".
video 00:07:58
This text was inspired by its associated video work,
A Vlexicon for Times of War
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"We Sleep and Dream in Tele-Vision" - still from video
"We Sleep and Dream in Tele-Vision" - still from video
So much that is going on in our dreams is influenced by the content of the media we engage with. When this work was first conceived, TV was the primary media source. Our dreams have become a form of tele-vision.
Music by aliasrubytuesday (search "Reade Collins" in music streaming services)
Video/Audio 00:09:58
This text was inspired by its associated video work,
We Sleep and Dream in Tele-Vision"
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