Shown here are the early stages of the celebratory and joyous ceremony in honour of the Succulent Sector's Most Holy and Revered Succulent of the Moment. Every individual in the sector is chosen for this experience of recognition, adoration and veneration at least once in their lifetime. It's pretty much a big, uplifting and validating party had by all.
mp4 10seconds loop 1920x1080px
Audio = plucked cactus spines (public domain).
Arranged by Colin Read (aliasrubytuesday)

Referred to generally as the Succulent Sector of the Xerophyte Galaxy, this area of space is home to the vast diaspora of life-forms evolved from the drought resistant plants of a lesser-known planet referred to in historical records as Earth. This planet became uninhabitable to most of its other indigenous life forms due to a phenomenon now referred to as Volitional Death Wish Syndrome. Essentially, the self-declared primary species on the planet, humans, engaged in fatal yet fully preventable desertification and critical failure of the planet by the implementation of systems resulting in irreparable climate change and global warming. Occupants of the Succulent Sector include the Cactians, Aloe-Veranii and Sedumic. It is interesting to note that the Cactian term for humans loosely translates to “watch out for the pricks”.
mp4 40seconds 3200x800px
Audio by Colin Read (aliasrubytuesday)

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